Good Morning Death Star


Good Morning Everyone,

This is my promised blog entry I forgot to do last night:)  This morning has started out a little crazy.  I woke up late and when I started to dry my hair, sparks starting flying out of the hair dryer.  I was afraid that my head was about to catch fire.  So, there is no telling what in the world my hair will look like when it dries.  I will probably be very large. 

I made it to the Death Star this morning.  I was a little late.  I had to call Darth and let her know I woke up late and almost caught my head on fire.  I think that brought back some PTSD for Darth since fire is why Darth is in that suit in the first place. 

I have not had much contact with the Professional Droid for almost a week now and it has been very nice.  She is leaving the 26th of this month.  It is kind of funny, she doesn’t know I know she is leaving.  I’m counting down the days, I think I have 7 more days working with her.  I try not to look at her when she walks down the hall.  I have learned around here to not look towards the door when I hear Darth’s tap shoes coming down the hall or the Professional Droid’s clompy shoes a coming.  This helps me to avoid getting too much busy work from Darth.  It also helps me not having to see the Droid walk by with this grin on her face, because she thinks she has a secret that I don’t know about her leaving. 

I have learned to say the serenity prayer a lot at work.  It helps in keeping me centered and not falling victim to the Death Star.  I’m grateful to have an outlet with the craziness of this place.  Being able to look at things in a humorous way has helped me in my life when I might have gone mad. 

So, this morning after arriving to work and once Darth made it to the Death Star she started with a spreadsheet that she wants me to do with all the repairs of 8 vans we use here to transport clients.  I hope I don’t have to supply pie charts with my spreadsheets.  Then she told our new guy, he needed to make sure he returned things to me because I will get him and I can be mean.  It is nice to know what Darth really thinks.  I guess she will use that as an example of why I might be valuable addition on The Dark Side one day. 

SO that is my day so far on the Death Star.  I will post more later if time allows while i’m here on the Death Star today.  I’m sure something will happen that might be blog worthy 🙂



Welcome to my blog :)


Ok, I have started a new blog.  I’m sure that the name will change I really just wanted to go ahead and get this thing up and running.  I’m still trying to figure out this site so it might be a few days before I’m able to get the hang of everything.  Well, that is about it.  I’ll have more on here later and information to tell you what I’m going to have on my blog.  Until then, lots of peace to everyone 🙂